Can't Imagine

by Wisdumb

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dedicated to the life of Regina Quattrochi
party 4 peace


Fuck all you hoes, get a grip
I'm just fin to burn a swirly down in the whip
I'm just bright and early as an early bird with kids
Children, Futurama, man
Can't believe Obama, man
Rapping like it’s Ramadan,
Quickfast as the Autobahn
Make Mac tracks, not trucks
And I'm 'far gone' as they come
Grew up on wholewheat toast, and Fritos, and
Free Earl casinos, late nights
Clam bake the east coast
'Damn, why he said that?,
Well damn, if he meant that'
It's hard to bend these train tracks
Call him Roosevelt the way he said that
America: the land of opportunities to pay cash
And PayPal in Wampum,
Tell them it's our land,
And we want them gone tomorrow
Unless we're all trying to raise the murder rate
But an eye for an eye just makes, a captain
So I'll be giving out small pox in blankets,
Screaming "all y'all's is thankless"

Give my right brain for some world peace
Seems like a fair trade
Bear arms, bear back, except I couldn't bear the weight
Time be on that freight train
Afraid of death, afraid of life, afraid i might not make it back
But I could give a first wife
My subconscious screaming from the third reich
Trying to smoke a memory out of thin air
Stubborn as some Ferdinand
Made of rubber early on, cause my heart be made from kryptonite

Can't cooperate, that's the motto-
Imagine Dragons, band of wagons
That just makes a farmer
Mengh, Stalingrad
March for Cain and Able to see the fuschia
Like its carved out of Angel Dust
Face magenta,
Make it thunderstorm until we rain enough
Woman up

Imagine all the homies
Living for today....

That's that shit I woke up for
Can't claim I'm a metaphor
That defeats the repertoire
A petting zoo's a pencil case for
Slavery, but when it pours it maybe just
Showers, plant flowers for the oxygen
Minus cockiness, if carbon be that opposite
Then yingyang be that imminent
Basic like
Blue skies and who dies when we blink an eye
Halfway around the world, say 'we ain't impressed'
Got the king mated, check
Jailbait in denim shirts
Gay, and out of Compton
No yellow brick
Road made from eloquent
Thoughts, chasing paper elephants
Around the rosies man, to hell with this

And back, and embellish it
Rap like it’s life or death
No melanin
Raise an 'L' and light it
In spite of it
man I could just-


released January 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Wisdumb New York, New York

we really outheere

two kids from nyc. all we do is rap and not rap. that's like all we ever do.

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